How to restore backups using R1Soft

Aug 17

ManticHost cPanel shared hosting is integrated with R1Soft automated backups for automated backups and easy restores. In this article I will describe the steps required to restore your files from the R1Soft Server Backup Manager.

If you can see you R1Soft  icon in your cPanel then you do not need to take any additional action as R1Soft will generate backups of your server files and database automatically.

What is R1Soft?

R1Soft is a backup system that takes regular daily snapshots of your Home Directory files and your databases. You can access these snapshots and select any files and directories you wish to restore.

How to Restore your files from the R1Soft snapshot ?

Step 1:  Login to your cPanel

Step 2:  Click the R1Soft Restore Backups icon in the Files section of cPanel.

Step 3:  You will be automatically logged in to the Server Backup Manager.

Step 4:  Server Backup Manager will show you Recovery Points which can be restored, The meanings of these icons are described below.

Browse Icon enables you to manage file backups.

Browse Databases Icon  you to manage database backups.

Download Icon enables you to download backups.


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